Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Rock Layers Were'nt Laid Down Over Millions Of Years

Another "proof" evolutionary scientists claim show millions of years, are the layering we see in the rocks. You can see this anywhere in the world where the rock layers are exposed; from the Grand Canyon to places on the interstate where the road has been carved out. They claim that these rock layers have been laid down over millions and millions of years. But is this so?

First, look around you and what do you see? The whole world is flat as a pancake, right? Not at all! We see hills and gullies, mountains and valleys. "So what?" What do you see in the rock layers? Hills and valleys? No, all the rock layers are flat! But if the layers were laid down over hills and valleys, it should accumulate like this:

But look at the first picture again, they are flat. What would explain the flat layers?

On a trip to the Northwest US, I stopped off at a number of places and took samples from various rock layers and collected them in a jar. I then filled the jar with water and shook it up until it was all mixed up. I then let it sit. After a few days, guess what appeared? Flat rock layers!
What could explain this happening in the world? What could cover the world with water, stir it all up and then let it settle in layers? Secular science can't account for it, but Genesis 6-9 does quite well!

In His service... Arthur Smith

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